You are here: Please Donate
You are here: Please Donate

Thank you for considering making a donation to support our mission. Caravan to Class is a registered 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible. Donations can be made to us directly, or through the Global Giving website.

How Your Generosity Can Help

By making a donation to Caravan to Class you are supporting our following work:

Funding the French education for children, ages 6 -12 years old, in villages where Caravan to Class works (a cost of roughly $120 per year/student)

Funding school supplies

Funding school uniforms

Funding the salaries of teachers

Funding the provision of food for our school lunch program (a major draw in getting children to school)

Funding our Female Adult Literacy programs for mothers, so that they can achieve basic literacy in their local language(s) and be strong advocates for education within the family

Donate to help fund our latest construction project on Global Giving

Caravan to Class is a Super Star Member of Global Giving where we get a substantial rebate on commissions paid for donations made to Caravan to Class through Global Giving. We therefore continue to post our yearly construction project on the Global Giving website.

Our construction project for 2017-2018 is in the village of Koiria, near Timbuktu.

Please consider making a donation to help fund our latest construction project using one of the links below. Your donation can be sent through Global Giving, or directly to Caravan to Class via PayPal (no account required).


Donate to help fund student education and Caravan to Class operations

School operations

Caravan to Class builds schools in carefully selected villages around the fabled Timbuktu, Mali. Since 2010, we have built and supported 12 schools. When Caravan to Class builds a school we agree to support the operations of the school for three years to give that school the best chance of success. Caravan to Class is currently supporting the operations of 9 schools in rural villages around Timbuktu, paying for teachers’ salaries and providing both supplementary food and school supplies. Please consider making a donation* to Caravan to Class to fund the operations of these schools by using the link below.

Educate a student

Including the school construction, it costs roughly $120 per year to educate a child in a school built by Caravan to Class. Please consider funding one year of school for a deserving student in a school built by Caravan to Class by making a donation* using the link below. Note that due to reasons of security, Caravan to Class does not provide the names of the children funded through donations.

*Student education and operations support donations are processed by PayPal. An account with PayPal is not required.


Read the interview with CTC founder Barry Hoffner,  catch up with progress on literacy programs and Caravan-to-Class press releases.


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Video of our work

Caravan to Class video

Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali