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No investment in a village is more important than education. Education helps to bring hope for the future to a village. Our programs address the educational needs of the villages of Africa in which we operate. Here are a few ways Caravan to Class' programs support education in the villages.

Overhaul Educational Infrastructure or Repair a School

Some village schools lack basic essentials that even children who live a very humble lifestyle need so they can learn in a conducive environment. Repairing a building to be safe, repairing a well so that the children have water, building toilets so that girls feel comfortable in school, or putting up a few solar panels—with your investment in overhauling or repairing school facilities, we can increase enrollment in our schools significantly.

Investment in Certified Teachers

Having teachers, who are certified in the government’s curriculum, is the single most important investment into education. It is a requirement in order to engage the government in certifying the school. In addition, through our engagement with the government, we have their agreement that once we have the school certified the government will begin paying for one teacher’s salary per year. Also, the government, at its expense, will finance the installment of a Principal to run the school. This ensures that educational standards to get the students to the next level will occur.

Facilitate Student Enrollment through Burden Lifting

Small investments can remove barriers—sometimes this is as simple as providing food, school uniforms that creates a source of pride in going to school, or a millet grinder so that a girl can be relieved of hours of hard work and be enabled to go to school. Caravan to Class is committed to make these small investments, sometimes family by family, to increase enrollment in the villages where we operate.

Adult Female Literacy Classes

In the villages around Timbuktu, countless generations have not known education—however, we can ensure that children stay in school and that the next generation is accustomed to going to school by engaging their mothers. We can accomplish this by investing in evening literacy classes for women. Where we have built or repaired a school the additional cost for this program is simply installing solar panels for light, as we will have already hired the certified teachers.

Sponsorship of students for Middle School, High School and University

Caravan to Class' initial focus is on primary education, grades 1-6, in the villages surrounding Timbuktu so that these young children have the possibility of higher education. While our resources are now focused on facilitating primary education, Caravan to Class plans, in the future, to provide scholarships to assist these children for their studies at the middle school, high school and university levels.



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Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali