Caravan to Class builds school in the village of Kabara San Fils with funds from USAID

Image of the exterior of the Kabara San Fils school built by Caravan to Class

After more than six months of due diligence, Caravan to Class was selected to build a school in the village of Kabara San Fils, near Timbuktu, the first public sector funding that Caravan to Class has received. Kabara San Fils is a black Tamasheq village located 9 km south of the city of Timbuktu. It is located in the “commune” of Alafia, “cercle: of Timbuktu. The population of about 500 inhabitants is composed of black Kel Tamashek devoid of any means. Its main activity is agriculture. The main economic activities are livestock, agriculture and trade. Before Caravan to Class’ intervention, the open air “school” was sorely lacking class rooms. Caravan to Class constructed a 3-classroom school, Director’s office, and 2 blocks of latrines.

The project was finished in early 2017, and will educate roughly 100 children ages 6–12 years.