Caravan to Class builds new Bantam School named after Ms. Irma Turtle

Image of students walking toward their new Bantam school built by Caravan to Class

Caravan to Class finished building the Bantam school, named after Ms. Irma Turtle, in early 2017 after starting the project in late summer. The village of Bantam is in the “cercle” of Dire and the “commune” of Dangha, and is the third consecutive school built by Caravan to Class in this area. The village was created in 1603 by a woman from Abawani Bourem Foghas in the Gao region, and is located along the Niger River. Administered by the common friend Dangha way between Timbuktu capital region and Dire capital circle, it consists of Songhois, Fulani, Bozo and Tamashek. Its main activity is agriculture, followed by fishing and farming. The village has 680 inhabitants including 370 women. The population under 30 years is estimated at over 60%.

When completed, we expect roughly 120 children to be educated by this school.

Image of a group of student posed in front of the Bantam school built by Caravan to Class