Caravan to Class brings together the needs of children in villages in Africa, the hope and desires of their parents, the responsibility of the elders of the villages, the administrative capability of our partner non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and you, the empowering donors, to advance the cause of literacy. We are an organization intent on improving education in the villages of the areas in which we operate. Our focus is to identify areas which have significant deficiencies in education. These generally occur due to lack of government involvement where impoverished villages are unable to furnish the resources to provide sufficient education for their children. Our initial areas of operation are the villages surrounding Timbuktu, Mali, where the formerly nomadic Tuareg have only recently settled.

Our process for operating in a specific village is:

  • Identify, through a field study and research, a specific village and its education needs
  • Partner with a reputable and known local NGO in the given area
  • Create a plan with a budget; meet with the villages elders and sign a contract with the village
  • Invite investment in the village (donations) to bring literacy to the village children
  • Follow up to assure that the plan is fulfilled and the investment is having results

For our donors, to assure that your investment is making a difference, we will send letters and photographs showing you which will serve both as evidence that the plan is coming to fruition and also as a keepsake for the support you have given to the village.

"We are proud to partner with a small, all-volunteer, passionate organization like Caravan to Class. They are driven by a mission in a way not usually seen with larger organizations."

~ Norm Shubert, President of Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation

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Video of our work

Caravan to Class video

Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali