Caravan to Class builds school in the village of Nanga

Image of the exterior of the Nanga school built by Caravan to Class

We inaugurated the school that Caravan to Class built in the village of Nanga in February 2019. Nanga was an interesting and different choice for our 2018-19 school construction project. The actual village itself is small, but it is in an area where there are many fishing communities (Bozo) close by, in addition to the nomadic cattle-herders (Peul). Thus, the school will draw children from beyond the actual village. Initially, when we were in the planning stages of the school, after a number of meetings, we made the decision that this school would give many children access to school who would otherwise not have the opportunity. The Nanga school is a 3-room cement school. We also built latrines, both for boys and girls, at the site as a follow-up in 2019.

The project was finished in early 2019, and will educate roughly 110 children ages 6–12 years.

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Video of our work

Caravan to Class video

Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali