Caravan to Class builds school in the village of Koiria

Image of the exterior of the Koiria school built by Caravan to Class

Caravan to Class constructed a 3-classroom fully equipped (chairs, desks, chalkboard etc.) school of cement in the village of Koiria (aluminum roof, steel doors and windows) and included the operational support, paying teachers’ salaries and providing basic nutrition and school supplies. The target group was the 150 children ages 6-12 years in the village of Koiria. Koiria is a mixed village of both Tuareg and Songhai who earn a living from fishing (as the village borders the Niger river), goat-herding and agriculture. The population of the village is roughly 800. The village had a one-classroom cement school built with private funds in 2010, but it was significantly overcrowded with roughly 75 students sitting 4 students to one desk (normal desk holds 2) and also a tent-school that is also overcrowded with roughly 60 students.

The Koiria project has been completed and it was inaugurated in January 2018.

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Video of our work

Caravan to Class video

Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali