Caravan to Class has just selected its third cohort of Bourse Jackie scholarship recipients. The Bourse Jackie scholarship is a very selected award given to female high school graduates from Timbuktu, Mali, for a 4-year scholarship to the public university in Bamako, the capital of Mali. The scholarship includes payment for tuition, books, room & board, and transportation. In addition, the scholarship provides for a 3-month intensive English study program in nearby Ghana. English language skills are fairly rare in Mali, and an important career differentiator. In addition, this year we have added computers for each of the scholarship recipients. This will allow them to be more efficient in their work and also to participate in Zoom forums, discussions, and study. We thank the So Hum Foundation for its generosity in setting up a dedicated fund to purchase computers for the scholarship recipients.

From a very competitive applicant pool, Caravan to Class selected 31 finalists who recently took an exam administered by Caravan to Class’ partner, the Timbuktu Ministry of Education. The finalists having the top five scores on this exam received a Bourse Jackie scholarship.

We are very pleased to present below the biographies written by the recipients, demonstrating how worthy and deserving they are of this life-changing opportunity provided by Caravan to Class donors. 


Aicha Dicko

My name is Aïcha Dicko, I am a Malian from Timbuktu and attended the Bahadou school for my elementary and middle school. After, I went to the Garba Maïga School for high school in Timbuktu. I have been very courageous since my early childhood, I never gave up. I was content with the limited resources my family had to get me through my performance at school. After school, I focused on household chores, home lessons and exercises. The scholarship is going to bring a very important change in my life. It will allow me to enroll in a private university, an asset that I did not even imagine two months ago. My dream of becoming an economist is therefore possible because of the Bourse Jackie scholarship.

Bintou Boureïma Touré

My name is Binta Boureïma Touré and I bear the name of a Senegalese friend to my father who raised me in Dakar from age three until thirteen. I returned to Mali to continue my studies in 2017, went to the Mahamane Alassane Haïdara high school in Timbuktu. I had a first failure in passing my Baccalureate and questioned myself, asking what went wrong? The next attempt was successful and I got the information of the Jackie scholarship, which I take the opportunity to bow to her memory "Rest in Peace." Obtaining this scholarship was a sigh of relief and I can only thank God and thank you in return for this great initiative of the Bourse Jackie scholarship, including the opportunity to go to Ghana to learn English. This scholarship will also allow me to access private universities and finish faster than when I am in a public, but nevertheless I will combine the two at the same time. I would like to study business management because I would like to create my own businesses, but also participate in the development of my country and also reduce the country's unemployment rate by hiring young people for work.

Fadimata Inamoud

I am Fadimata Inamoud, I am 18 years old, I come from a modest family, I started school in 2010. I spent my elementary and middle school in Timbuktu and then to Abba Cissé for high school. Every morning I do my chores at home before getting ready for school, often I take the goats out before going to school. I was going to stay here in Timbuktu to do the university because of the expense that the University of Bamako, but thanks to God and to you I found out about this noble cause which is to honor the memory of Jackie. I was amazed by the announcement of my admission to the competition. When I learned the number of participants in the competition and the number that should be retained I said to myself I will likely not have the chance to be one of the 5 girls selected. But I encouraged myself to do the best I could and was amazed to be selected among the 5 scholarship winners.

Halimatou Traoré

My name is Halimatou Traoré, I am 18 years old, I was born on April 30, 2003 in Timbuktu. I started school at the age of 7. I spent some of my school years in Bamako during the crisis in Timbuktu but returned to finish high school at Mahamane Alassane Haïdara high school in Timbuktu. Thank God I participated in the JACKIE scholarship competition and was admitted among the top 5 girls. I was informed about the competition thanks to an older sister and while listening to the Radio and then provided the documents needed to apply. I was very happy to win this competition because studying in Bamako is extremely expensive. The competition is a great relief for me and for my family. I can only say thank you. The circumstances of the granting of the scholarship, the passing of Ms. Jackie, are sad, but we thank Caravan to Class for their commitment to our education.

Fatoumata Mohamed Randane

I was born in Timbuktu, where I spent most of my childhood but we had to leave because of the 2012 crisis and lived in Bamako for a while. It was not easy to adapt to a new place, a new environment, discover another language which was not my mother tongue. At school in Bamako, we were called the refugees from Timbuktu. After a month of arriving in Bamako my father died, the pain was great and had to be endured as a child. I saw my mother die of grief and sadness. I had a hard time concentrating in class due to the absence of Daddy. But thanks to the support of our mother and the feeling that our father had of seeing us succeed at school motivated me. I did well at school and them we returned to Timbuktu so I could attend Mahamane Alassane Haïdara high school in Timbuktu. To have this scholarship is for me a great privilege for an orphan girl and a chance for me to assert myself and to fight for my goals. This is only a once-in-a-lifetime chance and I will put it to good use and also to pay tribute to Jackie in her memory and her family.

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