The Takaigrout school construction and operational support project:

Caravan to Class will build our 16th school in the village of Takaigrout and provide operational support for three years. Operational support will include paying teachers’ salaries, providing basic nutrition for school lunches, and school supplies. In addition, Caravan to Class will provide school uniforms to all children and also implement our award-winning Female Adult Literacy program. The school will follow Malian standard instruction in French. The Timbuktu Ministry of Education will send a director, at their expense, to run the school and certify teachers for class instruction.

When finished, the school itself will be a 3-classroom school made of cement. The village will provide voluntary unskilled labor and construction will be managed by a certified contractor with whom Caravan to Class has been working since 2010. The school will be equipped with metal doors and windows, chalkboards, desks and chairs. The cost, including operational support, is $45,177 and will be completed by March of 2022.

The village of Takaigrout:

The village of Takaigrout is an interesting one, being one of the most ethnically diverse villages where Caravan to Class has worked. Takaigrout is a mixture of both “white Tamashek (Touareg) and black Tamashek (Touareg)” with joint leadership and living in cohesion. The people of this village earn their livelihood from both agriculture and animal husbandry. Takaigrout has a population of 1,073 including over 250 school-age children who have, thus far, been unable to study in their village. Some of the children have gone to a nearby village where there is a school but they must live during the week there with relatives. Takaigrout has been on our list of “scale villages” where which we rate a high priority for a school construction project due to its size, social cohesion in the village, and also location in the same region where we have built schools before. In short, Takiagrout makes a perfect school construction project

Please consider making a donation today to Caravan to Class to help fund the Takaigrout school construction project.


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