AUGUST 20, 2020

Recently, I sent a text to our “Bourse Jackie” Scholarship recipients (who receive university scholarships from Caravan to Class), to ask about their thoughts on Black Lives Matter. I was interested in their answers. While their skin is clearly black in color and they have faced difficult obstacles in their lives in one of the world’s poorest countries, they have likely never experienced the overt white vs black racism that many African-Americans have experienced. I thought about telling them they could text me in their native French language. But given the resources spent by Caravan to Class towards their English language education, I thought it would be interesting to ask them to write me in English…which they were happy to do. These are incredibly impressive young women as their words convey. Their text is unedited.

From Fatouma

Personally, I think that as soon as we have decided to live in a world of globalization, everyone needs to be respected and treated normally everywhere they are. Racism that is among has always been an obstacle in many communities. The death of George Floyd was terrible even if he did something wrong. I don’t think that he deserved to be treated in this awful way and in a very respected country like the United States. This act was painful even for me and I tell myself maybe I am not welcome in my favorite country, the United States, just because of the colour of my skin. But I hope that this situation will change and we will live in a world of justice and peace.

From Sira

The Black Lives Matters movement is a political movement born in the United States. Its members rally against fatal attacks on black people by the police with special attention to violence, racial inequality present in the criminal justice system. Poverty, social inequalities, illiteracy and especially racism constitute evils against the peace, development and stability of the United States and also globally. It is therefore a duty for all citizens of the world to lead a fierce and unwavering fight against racism. Any movement in the world aiming to promote this fight against racism and social inequalities in the light of Black Lives Matters movement must be welcomed and helped. Martin Luther King’s dream is a legacy the world needs to attain and celebrate.

From Bintou

As far as I am concerned, the movement Black Lives Matters has to be supported by everyone, blacks and whites because it is not only blacks’ issues. As the world globalizes and integrates we will all have different races in the color of our skin. The idea of focusing on one skin color vs another is not right today and makes no sense in the very near future,

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