The Dourgou school construction and operational support project:

Caravan to Class will build our 15th school in the village of Dourgou and provide operational support for three years. Operational support will include paying teachers’ salaries, providing basic nutrition for school lunches, and school supplies. In addition, Caravan to Class will provide school uniforms to all children and also implement our award-winning Female Adult Literacy program. The school will follow Malian standard instruction in French. The Timbuktu Ministry of Education will send a director, at their expense, to run the school and certify teachers for class instruction.

When finished, the school itself will be a 3-classroom school made of cement. The village will provide voluntary unskilled labor and construction will be managed by a certified contractor with whom Caravan to Class has been working since 2010. The school will be equipped with metal doors and windows, chalkboards, desks and chairs. The cost, including operational support, is $45,177 and will be completed by January of 2021.

The village of Dourgou:

The village of Dourgou is situated in the “Cercle (district)” of Gourma Rarhous right along the Niger River and is between the villages of Kacondji and Nanga where Caravan to Class has built schools in 2015 and 2017. The population lives economically from agriculture, goat-herding, and fishing. Although the village is multi-ethnic, the majority of the population, of over 1,200 inhabitants, is Touareg. It is a large village with more than 400 children of school age. The village has attempted to educate its children but facilities and support is very poor with the following challenges:

  • The “school” is scattered around the village in mudbrick houses donated by the community for use during school hours. The houses are insufficient in size and quality.
  • The children sit on mats on dirt floors, without desks.
  • There are only two certified teachers for approximately 300 students.
  • A number of the students walk 2 kilometers to attend the school, and are without any nutrition during the day.

Please consider making a donation today to Caravan to Class to help fund the Dourgou school construction project.


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