Caravan to Class wishes to acknowledge our gracious donors whose support helps us to achieve our mission of bringing literacy to children of the villages around Timbuktu and the Southern Sahara region.


$25,000 and up

Dining for Women
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trust and Chris & Leslie Johnson
Marcus and Pat Meier


$10,000 to $24,999

Change Happens Foundation
Green Leaves Foundation
International Fund
Jewish Teen Foundation
Charles and M.R. Shapiro Foundation
TurtleWill Foundation
World Food Program


$5,000 to $9,999

Dorthea Haus Ross Foundation
Estelle Friedman Gervis Family Foundation
Marc Faber
The Good People Fund
Toba Hoffner
Jay and Wendy Huck
Journey Charitable Foundation
Reusing and Cole Family Charitable Foundation
Rex Foundation
Emily and Harold Starr


$1,000 to $4,999

April Fund
Gary Bahre
Circle of Sisterhood
Dewan Foundation
Roy Diao and Grace Young
Robert Lloyd George
Sherrill Girard
Haven Charitable Foundation
Mike Henderson
Michael Heise
Highfield Foundation
Lyell and Diane Holmes
Hundredth Monkey Foundation
Jennifer Johnson
Brian Joseph
Chester and Madeline Kam
Jacques Lagarde
Charles de Lardemelle
Linda Lemmens
Wendy Sadeh / Perforce Foundation
Safonov Family
William E. Slaughter Jr. Foundation
So-Hum Foundation
B.R. Stephenson
The Swire Family
Glen Urban
Chetan Vohra
Cynthia Watts
Womadix Foundation


$400 to $999

Ann Amtower
Ruth Bender
Franck and Zora Benhamou
Debbie Bickerstaff
Katherine Cecala
Ginger Clayton
Dollinger Family
Grant Family
Larry Hammond
Robert Hanagan
Debbie Hill
Laura Ziff Lentin
Michael Marcantonio
B. Pollock
Bonnie Raitt
Eileen Rogers
Ross Family
Hans Tischhauser
Gerolf De Win
Wellso Family


Below $400

Joelene Askker
Ellen Babby
Rose Barlow
Hilary Barens
Hilary Barnes
Scott Barshack and Lana Nguyen
Deborah Bateman
Holly Benter
Gary Blake
Uldine Castel
AJ and Ted Conrads
Peter Cooper
Alissa Corcoran
Matt Corcoran
Davis Family
Barbara Dawson
Denis Day
Laura Day
Kelli Donley
Ed Draper
Jamie Dubey
Jeanine L’Ecuyer
Tulin Edev
Mark Eberle
Christine Ehrich
Joannie Fagan
Patty Fleischmann
Margaret Foster
Stephanie Francis
Steve Ganz
Detlef Garte
Carl Gerhardt
Monina Gilbey
Mary Goldman
Patrice Goldman
Phyliss Graebner
Richard Gregory
Penelope Hartnell
Kathryn Hecht
John Hecklinger
Andrew Heiskell and Pamela Cleaves
Ardyce Henriksen
Putzi Hirschberg
Vivian Hirschberg
Alyce Hopko
Cynthia Hubiak
Sallie James
Debbie Jones
Marcia Kent
Daniela Kleiman
Dan Klenske
Sheila Kloefkorn
Petra Laudenberger
Ted Leland
Candace Lew
Zsuzanna Lippai
Joseph Logan
Londeke Lohadie
Barbara Madorin
James Manton
Lisa Mead
Rita Meiser
Kerry Milligan
Andrew Lift
Susana Millman
Monterey Institute of International Policy Studies, Africa Nation Club
Roger Muller
Kathryn Murphy
Athony Narducci
Nouzille Family
Siu Mei Pang
Lori Pastorelli and Jos
Sharon Pederson
Kathleen Pushor
Edward Raymond
Nancy Rettig
John Reuter
Alan Rica
Janna Robinson
Wendy Sadeh
Roberta Sarnoff
Lois Scheinberg
Joette Schmidt
Thomas Silverman
Shana Soltani
Hans Spiller
Linda Stein
Sylvia Stevens
Roxie Strand
Betsy Sturshin
Mary Swick
Bethany Traettino
Paul Urian
Kelsea Vecsova
Ms. Siobhan Walker
Eileen Brill Wagner
Katherine Walsh
Sandra Ward
Ellen Weingart
Beany Wezelman
Welner Family
Michelle White
Lou Anne Wise
Tamara Woodbury
Rachel Yanof
Cora Yee


Peter Coyote


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Video of our work

Caravan to Class video

Drone footage of the Kokonji school newly-built by Caravan to Class in Mali