NEWSLETTER - May 1, 2014

Dear Friends of Caravan to Class,

Greetings from Timbuktu where I feel fortunate to be able to return. Much has happened here since my last trip in late March 2012, when, only days after I left the town fell to a very militant group named Ansar Dine, closely linked to Al Qaida. Today, a little more than one year after the French intervened militarily, the residents in Timbuktu are still trying to restore their lives and refugees are still returning to their villages.

NEWSLETTER - June 30, 2013

Dear Friends of Caravan to Class,

We are mid-way through 2013 and it is quite unbelievable where Caravan to Class is today compared to the beginning of 2013. I wanted to send an update on the positive political developments that have unfolded in the past week. While many uncertainties remain, regarding the peace agreement signed between the Tuareg leadership and the Malian State, and skeptics (understandably) abound, Caravan to Class believes that we are in as good a place to pursue our mission of Bringing Literacy to Villages in Timbuktu as we have ever been.

NEWSLETTER - October 25, 2012

Dear friends,

First, I again thank you so much for your interest in and support for Caravan to Class and our mission of bringing literacy to the children of the one of the world's most illiterate areas, the Sahara Desert region of West Africa.

I would also like to apologize for the length of time since my last update. Ironically on April Fool's Day—just ten days after I departed Timbuktu, this fabled city was the last in Northern Mali to fall to the Islamic militants of Ansar Dine, a group linked to Al Qaeda. I was in Mali to see the progress of our schools, the new school we built in the village of Mora and to visit the additional schools that Caravan to Class was about to take responsibility for. On this trip, I was very inspired by the learning taking place in many of schools in the villages around Timbuktu and at the only Deaf School  in Northern Mali, all funded by Caravan to Class. In fact, on this trip Mr. Male Dioum joined Caravan to Class to sharpen our educational focus on literacy measurement and improvement.

NEWSLETTER – January 1, 2013

Dear Friends of Caravan to Class,

First, I wish you, friend of Caravan to Class, a healthy and happy 2013. More than anything, in 2013, I wish my friends from the seven villages where Caravan to Class now has schools, a restoration of their liberty and a speedy return to their villages from their current status as refugees in camps in Burkina Faso and Mauritania.

NEWSLETTER - February 4, 2013

Dear Friends of Caravan to Class,

I certainly did not expect to be sending an update only one month after my New Year's welcome e-mail on January 1, 2013. In that e-mail, I mentioned my strong desire to see the freedom of those in Northern Mali, particularly in Timbuktu, restored. Just as quickly and surprisingly as Timbuktu was taken over by the Islamic militants of Ansar Dine and MUJAO on April 1, 2012, it was remarkably and thankfully liberated by French forces on January 27, 2013.


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