Caravan to Class’ work in Female Adult Literacy was showcased at Dining for Women National Conference at the US Institute of Peace.

Caravan to Class’ award-winning Female Adult Literacy program was funded with a 2-year grant from Dining for Women

MAY 9, 2018

Caravan to Class’ Founder, Barry Hoffner, was one of only a handful of men to attend Dining for Women’s National Conference at the US Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. May 4th and 5th, which was attended by more than 300 Dining for Women members nationally. Dining for Women partners with a select number of small organizations with a focus on women’s rights, as well as large humanitarian organizations like Unicef and the Peace Corps. The conference saw an impressive list of speakers both working in the field and in the political sphere fighting for women’s rights globally.

More information is available at this link, or on the organization's Facebook page.

image of Caravan to Class information on display at the Dining for Women National Conference Group photo of women attendees of the Dining for Women National Conference

As a result of the success of the program funded by Dining for Women, Caravan to Class was chosen as one of only two organizations awarded the highly coveted Catherine Bertini Trust Fund Grant for our work in female literacy. The grant was bestowed on Caravan to Class by the United Nation’s World Food Program USA on World Food day in October of 2017. You can read more about the award in our October 2017 news article.



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