Our Work At a Glance

We imagine a world where the fundamental right of education is assured for every child everywhere.

Caravan to Class began its journey to bring literacy to villages around the fabled Timbuktu in 2010. Since building our first school in the region—with the support and generosity of our donors and friends—Caravan to Class has become an important force for the revitalization of the region. Guided by the simple principle that "going to school" is a fundamental human right, we continue our commitment to serving the region long-term.


Image showing the mission of Caravan to Class and its projects for building and operating schools in Mali


Where We Do What We Do

Image showing the region of Africa where Caravan to Class school projects are operating in Mali

Image of a completed school with CTC's founder Barry Hoffner and the teachers and students

Learn more about the region.


Why We Do What We Do

Chart showing statistics about the Timbuktu region's education levels and needs

Learn more about why we are focused on providing schools the region.


How We Do What We Do

Chart showing the timeline and steps involved in constructing a Caravan to Class school in the Timbuktu region

Learn more about our approach to providing eduction to Timbuktu's children.


The Annual Impact of What We Do

Chart showing the annual impact on education in the Timbuktu region

Chart showing the funds and resources are allocated to complete the Caravan to Class' mission of building school in the Timbuktu region

Image showing three grateful school girls
Chart showing the typical costs of providing education in the Timbuktu region

Visit our Schools page to see our impact in the region.

2015-2016 Impact Report

View our 2015-2016 Impact Report to learn all the ways that supporting Caravan to Class helps to bring literacy to the children and adult women of Mali.

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Read the interview with CTC founder Barry Hoffner, catch up with progress on literacy programs and Caravan-to-Class press releases.

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