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Caravan to Class is an all-volunteer registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization that invests in education and literacy in one of the world’s most illiterate regions. We believe that the goal of universal literacy is an important one. It is our mission to make this a reality in every village we operate in. We take our 501(c)(3) status very seriously. It is also important to us that our donors know that every donation made—whether $10 or $10,000—goes directly to providing an education for the children we serve. All of our administrative expenses, whether website development, tax & legal assistance, graphic design work, or travel, are either in-kind donations or paid for by us outside of Caravan to Class.

Please find below links to our IRS Letter of Affirmation and IRS form 990 tax documents for our years in operation 2010 through 2016, as well as our Certified Financial Statements. Right-Click the icons to download a PDF copy of the documents.



Caravan to Class is pleased to release our Annual Impact Report for years 2014-2015. The report covers our various school projects in the Timbuktu region of Mali, detailing needs, costs and how Caravan to Class is able to impact the education needs of the many wonderful children we serve in the Southern Sahara Desert.



Caravan to Class is pleased to release our 2011 Annual Report for our first full year of operation. It was a ground-breaking year for us, literally, as we completed our first school in the village of Tedeini, Mali, and began construction of our second school in the village of Mora, Mali. It was also a transition year for Caravan to Class in deepening our impact in the Sahara Desert region near Timbuktu, and broadening our support base beyond friends and family donors. By the end of the year, new donors accounted for more than 50% of all donations to Caravan to Class; and we received our first foundation grant from the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. We also took the important step of getting on the Global Giving platform (, a partnership that we are very excited about going forward. We look forward to growing our organization and furthering our impact on the wonderful children we serve in the Southern Sahara Desert.


Caravan to Class is passionate about literacy. We believe strongly that it is a universal right that should be open and free to all children. The need for education in the Southern Sahara desert is great; and it is our mission to invest in literacy in the remote villages of this region. Please join our cause!

Right-Click the Impact or Annual Report icons to download a PDF copy of the document.

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